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"Bivouac:"  7 EUR per person per night in meadow or garden + "Comfort" lodgings:  1 double room and 1 four-bed room at 45 EUR per person per night. CGT (Belgian Tourist Board) label:  3 keys.


Possibility of breakfast (8 EUR, must be ordered ahead) and/or picnic (8 EUR, must be ordered ahead). Restaurant and stores 2 km away.


1-ha fenced meadow - 7 EUR/night per horse (no stalls!)  Free hay - feed (Epiquin - 4 Epis) if ordered ahead, price per kilo.


Carriages welcome


Contact details:


Ariane Meersschaert

Rue de Thisnes 26, 4280 Hannut
+32 (0)477/50.33.17

Carte : 41/1

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