Manège du Chêne au Féau

group lodge for 28 people. Two 10-bed and one 8-bed dormitories. Separate washrooms for men and women, each containing 2 toilets, 2 sinks, and 2 showers. A large livingroom/parlor with sink, refrigerator, tables, chairs, couches, and a TV. Lawn and swings.


The kitchens and dining areas are provided in separate facilities.


Trail riders:  €16/day

Groups of up to 10: €15/person

From 11 to 15 people: €12/person

From 16 to 21 people:  €10/person

22 or more people:  €8/person


Bring your own sleeping bags

Rental fee for preparing meals yourselves: €25 a day

Served meals available: Breakfast: €:2.50

                                       Lunch:  €9.00 (soup, main dish, dessert)


Horses in the field: €2.50

Horses in box stalls: €9 (feed included) and €7 (without feed)


Routes and advantages


Situated in the Sambre River Valley and on a network of former railroad lines. Trail-riding routes available.


Examples of classic rides:

Aulne Abbey - 3 hours through the woods.

Bonne-Espérance Abbey - 2.5 hours along former railway lines

L'eau d'heure Lakes - 5 hours

Le Canari in France - 3 hours across the fields



Contact details:


Pierre Bayot

64 Route de Rouveroy

6543 Bienne-lez-Happart

+32 71/59.01.14 - +32 473/83.17.25