La Malle Poste


"Bivouc" camping:  unlimited capacity – "Rando" lodge for 7 people – "Comfort" B&B rooms for 6-8 people – 0.8-ha meadow or 10 box stalls


Day rides, with or without a guide.  Condro tour by bike or horse with baggage transfers. Trail-riding routes to Villers-le-Temple and Méan via Modave Castle. Marked rides (see calendar on Internet site).  For horse-drawn vehicles:  day drives or "Condroz by bike and horse" route.


Carriages welcome:  mapped routes available on request.


Contact details:


Mr. Jean-Claude Dejardin

Rue du Bois Goesnes 37, 4570 Marchin (Marchin)
Cell phone:  +32 (0)474/63.81.17

Carte : IGN 48/2

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