Ecurie du Pré Mathy


15-bed "rando" lodge.  Price per person:  15 EUR


Kitchen facilities or meals may be ordered.

For horses:  A 1-ha pasture or 15 box stalls.  Rate per horse:  10 EUR with feed.  Hay and shower available.

This lodge is made of ecological materials (wood, clay blocks, and lime coatings).

A large 120-square-meter multipurpose room with a bar, kitchen area, and dormitory area houses the riders.  Additional facilities:  Toilets, shower, and tack room with sink.


Contact details:


Emmanuel Nonet


Rue Pré Mathy 39, 5170 Lesve

Cell phone:  +32 (0)496 99.33.39



Map:  IGN/NGI 53/3

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