Trail riding in Wallonia

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The Walloon Association of Equestrian Tourism is a federation of lodgings for trail riders that are linked to each other by trail-riding routes with variants for horse-drawn vehicles. Mountain bikers will have no problem following the routes for riders.



Some (but not all) of the lodgings offer the services of a guide to let you discover the area through trail rides from a fixed base. Such a formula will enable you to return to the comfort of the same accommodation each evening. Some of them have trail-riding horses that can be hired out for guided trail rides. Some (but not all) of the lodgings can provide you with maps with the nearby trails marked on them. See all the lodgings. 



Almost all of the lodgings are connected to each other by routes that the AWTE knows of and maintains.  However, having to make a detour because of bad weather or an unforeseen obstacle can never be ruled out.   If you want to trail ride without a guide, being able to read a map and having substantial trail-riding experience are a must.  See the routes 

Lectures & equestrian tour guide training sessions - 2018

This winter, as usual, the FFE proposes a series of talks and training sessions for its trail-riding members who want to perfect their trail-riding skills. They are also designed for future equestrian tour guides and companions. The number of participants is limited, so don't hesitate to sign up right away. These training courses are practical first and foremost. Each participant will get a syllabus in which candidates for the title of Equestrian Tour Guide (Accompagnateur de Tourisme Equestre) will find the subject matter on which they will be tested. See the dates